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Benefits of Post Tensioning

Less concrete and steel are needed for the same structural capacity and the slab stiffness is increased so that the slab is better able to resist bending caused by differential soil movements.

Post-tensioning will  reduce cracking and keep any cracks that might form tight, preventing entry of insects and reducing possible water penetration, which can damage flooring and cause mold problems.

The strength and added stiffness of a post-tensioned foundation reduces the amount the slab will bend under load.

With fewer pieces to handle and less concrete to place, a post-tensioned slab can often be installed more quickly than a comparable rebar- or wire mesh-reinforced slab

 An engineered solution, post-tensioning is designed to exacting standards and code requirements, has an excellent performance record and offers increased reliability.

Cost benefits are achieved by reductions in quantities of concrete, steel and excavation, which in turn reduce labor costs. Beams are smaller and slab thickness is less, therefore savings in excavation and site preparation are possible.

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