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Why Us?

Post-Tension Services of Texas (PTST) is dedicated to providing every customer with the highest standards of quality and service in the industry. We aspire to earn your business through hard work and dedication to our craft. We endeavor to maintain your business through performance, value, and meaningful relationships developed over the years. Post-Tensioning is deeply rooted in our heritage. Let us help build the foundations that last a lifetime.

PTST firmly believes great customer service does not come at the expense of the values we hold to be true in everyday life:

Trust – We believe respect within the industry, and from the customers therein, is earned and is to be held as the utmost priority to maintain.

Excellence – We aim to be the benchmark for the highest standards in the industry, and will continue to raise the bar.

Action – We will never cease to go the extra mile to ensure our promises are met. Our actions will be representative of our dedication to the customer.

Leadership – We will instill pride throughout our organization indicative of our persistence in leading the industry towards the future

At PTST we take pride in knowing every component of our product is sourced through vendors that hold the same standards as our own. Our purchasing decisions are made with the same expectations our customers seek in ourselves; demanding only the best in quality and service from beginning to end.

The post-tensioning industry has seen its fair share of evolutionary change over the last 40 years. While we embrace the expanding digital landscape, and recognize the improvements in quality and efficiency it has brought about, our processes are anchored in tried and true methods that have been vetted over decades. At PTST; dedication to the details and leaning on proven methods contribute to our standards of efficiency and quality. We are in business to cut cable, not corners.

Offering a variety of products and services to handle your varying needs.

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